Logo Collection

Some of the branding I've created


Layover is a company that sells designer items and home decor from all over the world.

I wanted to represent the delicate details of the items that this company sells by using an intricate brand mark. The earth tone colors that I selected, remind me of the handmade aspect and the countries where these items are made.

Park Place

Park Place Car Condo is a storage facility for high-end vehicles as well as collections that can benefit from air conditioning in a humid place such as Miami. Renters can enjoy luxury custom details, a car wash and even a lounge with cocktails.

Garage door always intrigues me. So much negative space to create art. I developed the vehicle icon using the horizontal lines of the traditional metal garage door and added a funky orange to the mix reminiscent of the many luxury racing vehicles stored in the facility.

Fell To Earth Productions

Danny J. Boyle is an award-winning commercial and television Director, Writer and Producer. His television credits include shows for Comedy Central, MTV, FoxTV, SpikeTV, Lifetime, and TBS. He has directed hundreds of sketches for MADtv, Chocolate News, Mind of Mencia, and Incredible Crew. He opened his own production company and needed a brand mark that would be readable on screen as well as on printed material.


W.A.S.A. is a Scandinavian wholesale distributor of accessories for smartphones and tablets. They needed a simple yet technology-inspired brand mark.

I wanted to represent Sweden in my design. After eliminating the yellow and blue colors that felt more corporate, I decided to use an abstract shape of the country itself made out of pixels. The design illustrates the connections that one makes by using their products.


A baking supply company in Switzerland needed a brand mark for their online store. Business boomed and soon enough, the company opened up a store in Zürich and needed additional branding such as store front signage, vehicle wrapping, packaging and a texture for their website.