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As the Creative Director at Deluxe Entrainment, I was tasked with crafting the branding for EC3 Location Services, a unique collaboration between two renowned post-production powerhouses: EFILM and Company 3.

Drawing inspiration from their distinctive logos, as well as location icons and the symbolism of a filmstrip, I meticulously designed a brand identity that stands unmatched in the industry.

The EC3 Location Services logo has found its place adorning Star Waggons and Sprinter vans throughout Los Angeles, marking the city’s bustling film and media landscape with its distinctive, eye-catching presence. From studio lots to location shoots, it’s become an iconic symbol of excellence in post-production.

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 X-Men Dailies Colorist Adrian DeLude discusses on-location with EC3

Throughout the production of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC was able to bring an exceptional amount of his intended “look” to the dailies, which enabled director Bryan Singer and all the department heads to see a representation of what the final images could look like while shooting was ongoing. Production captured in ARRIRAW with three, 3D rigs comprised of ALEXA Ms and ALEXA XTs for 2D work. Dailies work for X-MEN was all done out of a completely mobile grading theater provided by EC3 – the dailies services unit which combines the resources of Deluxe’s Company 3 and EFILM.


Street Side is set up to handle any camera type and provide beautifully crafted dailies beyond basic LUTs to Best Light color, regardless of camera type, shortly after the director yells cut. If editorial is onset, we have the capability to provide ‘dailies’ directly to their desktop throughout the day. Street Side provides a truly mobile experience with the ability to unplug and roll out in minutes.