I am so thankful to be able to live in the UShappy4th. Of course it’s an “effed-up” country where healthcare and schools suck and food is all being manipulated by rich corporations to get more for less. Politicians are retarded and war will never be the answer! TV will make you stupid, literally I mean have you seen the latest reality shows? Common’! It’s also the country where people work hard with only 5 days off a year after working for a full year! Where people are always welcoming and talkative and will comment on a pretty dress you are wearing or wish you a beautiful day. This is where most people are very independent and learn how to live by themselves after high school without daddy’s help. This is the country where I can have an open jeep without worrying to get mugged at the next red light and where I can also walk freely from one place to the other if I please. This is the country where businesses are formed every minute and give me unlimited work to create logos, websites & advertising campaigns. And if I am over my full-time job, I can quit in two weeks and move on to the next adventure. Where else in the world can you solve anything with a quick 1800 call or return the unwanted purchases without questions and get your money back? Need duct tape at 2am for some weird reason? You can buy it because some stores are open 24hrs! Plus, animal police and all the people that are interested in saving animals? Best people ever! Especially in California, you can drive for two hrs and touch snow after being on the beach. We have maybe one or two days of rain a year and unlimited sun!!! My Cali friends are from all over the world, it’s like the United Nations up in here. I can eat French crepes for breakfast, sushi for lunch and Korean BBQ for dinner! Never mind the deep fried snickers covered in powdered sugar, gosh, heaven? What I like is that I don’t have to be Mexican or Swiss, I can just be me. All in all this is a crazy country, forget what y’all heard, I love the USA! Happy 4th y’all!!!