Hire a freelancer or an Agency?

Once you’ve decided to invest in your brand’s future and develop an identity as unique as your product, the next step is finding a designer to work with. You have several choices: work with a local or regional design firm, work with an independent designer, or work with an anonymous designer offered by one of the budget online logo design sites. As with anything, there are pros and cons to each choice. I’m not a fan of the work I’ve seen so far coming out of the budget online logo... Read The Rest →

Burger King Twitter hacked: good or bad for branding?

Insane things can happen in the social media world, which is why many brands are terrified and rightfully so. Burger King’s twitter account got hijacked yesterday. Not only did they change the timeline to look like McDonalds, the anonymous invaders propagated their stream with strange references to drugs and perverted humor. Read More

Great uses for QR codes you probably didn’t consider


The biggest problem with using QR codes is understanding their ability to function. They can come out pixelated and blurry and have certain limitations for scanning too. Like any technology, you have to start with the proper usage. If not, it won’t work and you have damaged your brand and wasted your money on your marketing material. McDonald’s, for instance, puts QR codes on drink cups so customers can see the nutritional value of their food items. The Cleveland Museum of Art (as well as many other museums) places QR codes next... Read The Rest →

What goes into design pricing?

Clients often come to me with the question of how much a logo or identity design costs. One thing worth stressing is that a lot of time and effort goes into crafting a successfully designed brand identity. So here’s a bit of what I take into account when pricing design work. Priced for Value Pricing can vary widely depending on the project scope and deliverables, but at a minimum, you have to take into account time for research, strategy, meetings, creative design, presentation, file prep and the rights and ownership... Read The Rest →

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