Online Video Rankings

RESTON, VA, January 14, 2013 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released data from the comScore Video Metrix service showing that 182 million U.S. Internet users watched 38.7 billion online content videos in December, while video ad views totaled 11.3 billion. Top 10 Video Content Properties by Unique Viewers Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in December with 153 million unique viewers, followed by with 58.8 million, VEVO with 51.6 million, NDN with 49.9... Read The Rest →

Excess Copyright

Intellectual property law is good. Excess in intellectual property law is not. This blog is about excess in Canadian and international copyright law, trademarks law and patent law. Nothing on this blog should be taken as legal advice, but it is refreshing to read about it… Read More

American Airlines Rebrand


American Airlines has unveiled a new brand identity. The classic 1968 Massimo Vignelli logo has been replaced with a 3D ‘flight’ symbol’ that features an eagle in red, white and blue. The brand is expected to promote its new look through an upcoming advertising campaign. This video explains the creative process behind the redesign.

How to use Pinterest for your Nonprofit

We would never venture to say that men are not philanthropic, but studies have shown women to be more likely to give to charities. That being said, with Pinterest being majority women, it seems a very good place to promote your nonprofit! So how do we best utilize Pinterest to promote nonprofits? You must first decide if your nonprofit is a good fit for Pinterest by evaluating if your organization can tell a story with images. If the answer is yes (and it typically is), then you can work with Pinterest!... Read The Rest →

Using Google Hangouts for Business

Do you have some or any virtual communication in your work environment? Then you should try Google Hangouts for your business. Hangouts lives inside a network (Google Plus) where you already have your marketing and branding set up. There you can chat with clients or coworkers live on video for free! Here are all the other reasons you should consider using Google Hangouts for your business. Read More

QR Codes and such

With more than 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, it’s imperative that your company’s mobile marketing strategy is poised to reach this enormous market. From sms marketing to mobile websites – the mobile marketing landscape is more confusing than ever. With so many new technologies, it’s difficult to keep up. One of the newest entrants into the mobile marketing mix is QR codes. So, what are they and how can you benefit from them? Read More

Guidelines for Creating an Effective Mobile Website

According to Digital Buzz Blog, over 70% of the world’s population has a mobile phone – which suggests that mobile web browsing is becoming the norm for consumers around the globe. Have you created a mobile website that can accomplish the same goals as your traditional website? If not, or if your current mobile website isn’t helping you achieve web success, your mobile marketing strategy might need some re-tweaking. Read on to discover how to create an effective mobile website. Read More

Do you work with a “design by committee”?

A client contacts you for work, you settle on payment, timing, and all the other important details, you work hard to get them a preliminary design and then it happens. Their response? “I have to show it to a group of people here and then I’ll get back to you.” ‘Design by committee’ is one of the most frustrating and annoying aspects of being a designer because opinions can range widely within even the smallest of groups and, usually, clients give way to personal preference instead of logical business, marketing, or... Read The Rest →

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