5 Critical lessons your design professors never taught you

Lesson 1: Clients pay the bills, but the customer’s not always right. Lesson 2: You don’t have to present your design process when presenting your designs. Lesson 3: You don’t have to have decades of experience to land some great design gigs. Lesson 4: Your elevator pitch is as important (or more important) than your design portfolio. Lesson 5: Great designers steal.   Read More



©bySandraMays I was asked to work on a logo for a political group here in Long Beach. They are trying to pass Measure N which will give hotel housekeepers a living wage of $13 per hour and 5 sick days off a year.  They have built an interesting coalition of small business supporting them because the 2,000 hotel workers in Long Beach live there as well.  So extra money means they spend more in neighborhood stores and restaurants etc. The branding needed to feel bright, maybe even hand-painted and definitely very latin. OPTION... Read The Rest →

What to do when a client wants you to copy other designs

In the graphic and web design industry, we like to think of ourselves as “creatives” who constantly keep the creative juices flowing and come up with original, well-thought out ideas. So why is it that even the best of graphic and web designers are approached by a client now and then who says something like: “I really like the look of this design. Can you just copy it?” First things first, is it okay to copy designs? Great Designers Steal There has been a lot of controversy over the notion that “great designers... Read The Rest →

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