Digital Wall – Supercharger

The supercharger engagement illustrates an interactive map made up of owner data and supercharger locations throughout the world. The geographic and eco-brand story emphasizes the brand’s accessibility. The content also allows the user to plan road trips and see how the value of a Tesla can pay off in the long run.

3D renderings by design director Jennifer Kasick


Topographic map exploration

Final art

Interactive Table

Layout exploration for an interactive table. The attendee can place their phone or event ID in certain areas and get customized vehicle information.

Over-The-Air Updates

Digital infographic

Tesla’s over-the-air software allows platform updates to be done to the vehicle without having to connect to any hardware or go to a dealer. Essentially, these updates serve to improve the current state of the car, in largely the same manner as smartphones receive software updates. Our goal was to educate consumers on how OTA works in an easily digestible way and create excitement for the technology.

Initial icon drafts

3-step process

Layout exploration

Approved layout

Tesla X Test Driving Event

iPad registration app UI design