Sales Marketing Kick-Off

As the creative director on the Ciena account, I was responsible for coming up with a concept based on the client’s event theme “TOGETHER”. The target audience was predominantly male / IT oriented. Ciena’s colors are very trendy and bright. The challenge was to create a cohesive graphic language that would appeal to the audience and represent Ciena, but also resonate with the hotel’s architecture and colors.

I designed the overall look & feel including the visual language, style guide and all design components that populated the JW Marriott & Ritz-Carlton Orlando grounds. In addition, my scope included concepting around various events within the 4-day conference, create photo ops and suggest event activations. I created all production files and approved color quality and press proofs as well as the installation of every branded piece in the event space.

The approval phase was flawless. The client selected the first concept from the very beginning and was open to fun and out of the ordinary activations. My work made a colorful and cheerful impact that the Ciena team loved. They mentioned that it was the best event they’ve had.

My role as the CD: Concept Development, Experiential Activation Ideation, Branding, Signage, Way Finding, Select furniture, Assist with Floorplan planing, Create and oversee Print Production Files

Concept: Boundless Together

Implies connections, demonstrates motion and represents connectivity mapping

Ciena is not just a networking systems, services and software company; Ciena is a boundless bridge built by hardworking humans that connects people across the globe. For more than 25 years, Ciena employees have combined their reach with that of their colleagues to exceed their individual grasp. This innovative attitude has produced limitless networking opportunities and productive and meaningful moments for customers worldwide. Ciena employees collaborate closely to weave not only an adaptable and secure online network, but also a strong support network where together their success is boundless.

Moodboard – connectivity mapping represented with string art


Supporting connectivity mapping (strings) concept

  • Teamwork through gamification
  • Unconventional team meetings on bikes
  • Group activities that connect and support team building
  • String art instances representing connectivity mapping
  • Lasers, lasers and more lasers
The Event

4-player ping pong table

Goat yoga

Oversized human foosball game

Design Process

Ciena’s brand colors

Logo options presented

  • LOGO

    Option A

    The simplest and cleanest option to represent together was to kern each letter, making them bleed into each other, creating a sense of togetherness.

    • LOGO

      Option B

      Inspired by the many regions where Ciena’s offices are located, I established icons representing each of the regions that together formed a pattern.

      • LOGO

        Option C

        Using the same inspiration of the many regions where Ciena’s offices are, I divided each letter into pieces, that together formed one.

        Signage exploration