I was asked to work on a logo for a political group here in Long Beach. They are trying to pass Measure N which will give hotel housekeepers a living wage of $13 per hour and 5 sick days off a year.  They have built an interesting coalition of small business supporting them because the 2,000 hotel workers in Long Beach live there as well.  So extra money means they spend more in neighborhood stores and restaurants etc. The branding needed to feel bright, maybe even hand-painted and definitely very latin.


This proposal illustrates the traditional folk art from Mexico. “The Papel Picado” is bright, colorful, handmade art that hangs above festive spaces at times of celebration and mirrors the positive and happy way of life of the mexican culture. It is present in places where bigger groups of people gather. In this case, it represents the bright or happy feelings derived from the improved lifestyle in the women’s lives.


This logo follows the stylized south american metal art form commonly seen on fences in front of peoples houses. It is a communication form, in some cases, that invites you to their house – “Mi casa es su casa.” In this case, it represents a message of the people to the people, inviting to a better well being when working together for a cause.OPTION 3

This concept is based on the of the mosaic. Most of the stones for exotic colored mosaic murals come from south america plus all the range of colors mimic the bright colors seen in south american art. In this case, small pieces come together and form a whole. Each small piece is part of the bigger piece, symbolizing that when working together as team a bigger impact is made.