Client criticism does not always have to make sense


Frustrated by mean client criticism, Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy decided to turn their “favorite worst feedback” into posters. The guys worked together on so-called “Sharp Suits” series with a team of other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, who must’ve all appreciated a chance to let out some of their exasperation in a creative way. Check all of them out!

One-of-a-kind print

Classic Color, a digital print shop in Chicago, was called upon to convert a 2013 BMW M6 Coupe into a mobile printing press. The project was designed to showcase the M6′s ability to go from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds while creating unique prints for a direct mail piece. Ink dispensers above the M6′s tires spray out a squid-like plume onto the tires which create artful impressions on a paper track as the car accelerates. Pretty cool right?

Great uses for QR codes you probably didn’t consider


The biggest problem with using QR codes is understanding their ability to function. They can come out pixelated and blurry and have certain limitations for scanning too. Like any technology, you have to start with the proper usage. If not, it won’t work and you have damaged your brand and wasted your money on your marketing material. McDonald’s, for instance, puts QR codes on drink cups so customers can see the nutritional value of their food items. The Cleveland Museum of Art (as well as many other museums) places QR codes next... Read The Rest →

What to do when a client wants you to copy other designs

In the graphic and web design industry, we like to think of ourselves as “creatives” who constantly keep the creative juices flowing and come up with original, well-thought out ideas. So why is it that even the best of graphic and web designers are approached by a client now and then who says something like: “I really like the look of this design. Can you just copy it?” First things first, is it okay to copy designs? Great Designers Steal There has been a lot of controversy over the notion that “great designers... Read The Rest →

How web design has changed print


Check out this interesting article on how print has started to include new shapes and become bolder. If you have the eye, and a willingness to learn how to work across multiple platforms, you can create beautiful things. They may have different names, but the concepts are all the same. It’s just the paper, or screen, that’s different.   Print design – from newspapers to magazines to ads to books – and web design are often linked because of their differences. The two often come up in conversation at the same time as opposites.... Read The Rest →



Manuals, manuals and manuals. Not as fun as other projects, still a great client. I also translated this in German, Spanish and French.

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