©bySandraMays I was asked to work on a logo for a political group here in Long Beach. They are trying to pass Measure N which will give hotel housekeepers a living wage of $13 per hour and 5 sick days off a year.  They have built an interesting coalition of small business supporting them because the 2,000 hotel workers in Long Beach live there as well.  So extra money means they spend more in neighborhood stores and restaurants etc. The branding needed to feel bright, maybe even hand-painted and definitely very latin. OPTION... Read The Rest →

Famous Logos and the cost of designing them


Stock Logos has compiled a list of famous logo designs and the price that was paid to design them. The list features iconic logos from brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Twitter and Nike.  Are these logos worth their price tags? CocaCola – $0 Pepsi – $1,000,000 Read More    

Synergy Icons


©bySandraMays Synergy – An experiment in communicating science through art - In conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Synergy is bringing together teams of artists and scientists to create interpretive work based on cutting edge ideas in modern oceanography. Each artist will be paired with an oceanographer that piques their interest. Through meetings and conversation, artists will learn about the purpose, motivation or central question of the research which they will interpret through art. Synergy was looking for a simple image that concisely conveys... Read The Rest →

Another one bites the dust


©bySandraMays After several rounds of logos for my client, she decided to design the logo for her store herself. Oh and did I mentioned that she changed the name as well after so many rounds? Too bad, because this was one of the first logos I presented and it reflects exactly what she wanted: a simple, clean logo for an elegant boutique store. Do you agree?

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