Google Marketing Live

I was asked to work on the graphics for the 2022 Google Marketing Live event, which was hosted at their Google campus in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. My primary challenge was to effectively converting the vivid and dynamic digital elements into a graphic language suitable for replication on 2D paper, particularly focusing on the transition from digital 3D to printed 2D.

Throughout the project, I made weekly presentations to the Google team to showcase our progress. One of my key achievements was developing a comprehensive signage system also known as wayfinding, that seamlessly integrated the colors from the graphic manual into the event space, ensuring a cohesive visual experience from small to large-scale applications.

Wayfinding is a form of art blended with reasonable assessments of people in a defined environment. The details from the larger information hierarchy and decision points become anchored to coordinates within the experience. In these locations the users path of travel can be encouraged with visual cues and directional instruction.

To achieve this, we closely examined the campus layout and collaborated with our production company to determine the most suitable mounting options. Sustainability was a top priority that aligned with Google’s environmental efforts. We carefully managed our budget to stay within the project’s financial constraints and still delivered many creative options.

The success of this endeavor was the result of a dedicated team effort, and I’m proud to say that the event space ultimately looked stunning and delivered a memorable experience for all attendees.

Leadership Circle dinner menu and signage

Google’s LC is an exclusive community, showcasing agencies that have been at the forefront of digital transformation

Evening event signage

Animations for digital kiosk