J.D. Power – AMR Event

Branding, Attendee Journey + Stage Design

J.D. Power’s AMR event is an exclusive knowledge exchange for automotive marketers, offering intelligent solutions, performance best practices, industry insights, and innovative networking opportunities for business success. Together with our strategy team, we developed the AMR 2018 theme to be Marketing in The Age of Digital Transformation. The work needed to appeal to automotive, digital and marketing leaders as well as be easily applied to all online and offline event elements.

As the creative director on this project, I offered design guidance to the J.D. Power internal team to develop the branding and look & feel of the event. After a site visit, I created an attendee journey indicating proper directional signage and branding opportunities. Together with the engineer team, we developed a floor plan approved by the fire marshal of the hotel. I designed the archway for the main entrance and art directed our production team. I worked together with our event services team to source rental furniture and with our live production department to create the stage that I designed.

Logo Suggestion
Look & Feel Suggestions

This served as inspiration and guidance for the J.D. Power team

Approved branding developed by the J.D. Power internal team
Attendee Journey Development

Pieces in magenta indicate possible way finding and branding

Entrance Piece/Archway Development
Stage Design
Event Images